Joseph Schantz (Johns), an eighteenth century Amishman from Switzerland settled in Johnstown in 1792. The town was originally known as "Conemaugh", but residents referred to it as "Conemaugh Old Town". The town was chartered in 1800 and the name was later changed to Johnstown.

While his plans for the city were transformed from paper into city blocks, Joseph Johns, still known as Schantz, moved his family to a farm near Davidsville. The farm had remained in the John's family for six generations until 1983 when the farm was purchased by Bill and Jeanette Hunsberger, present owners and operators of the dairy farm.

Representatives of the six generations of Schantz's, whose name was later Anglicized to Johns, are laid to rest side by side on a family burial plot located on a knoll overlooking the farm fields and Davidsville.